Black Friday and December Orders

All orders after Nov 25th are not guaranteed arrival before Christmas. Shipping time is usually delayed by one working week due to the amount of orders postal services have to process.

In addition our sellers for items such as  Watches, Shift Boots, Shift Knobs, Short Shifters, Etc  require additional time to fulfill as they are vendors on different sites as well. They usually have the shipping time included in their product description.

Due to customs fee and shipping costs, vendors may send items directly from their suppliers in East Asia to keep costs lower for the customers hence additional shipping time be a result. Although does not fulfill these orders we are always here for customer support.

Apparel orders increase significantly after Black Friday, therefore our system is automated and our production team starts working on orders as they come in. Hence we are unable to cancel an order once it is placed, so during the month of December you will not be able to cancel an order once it is placed because of shipping time. It is not fair for other customers who are waiting or the team who immediately preps the apparel to be made. We apologize for the inconvenience but that's why we are letting you know before hand :)